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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kumta Pincode / Post Office Search (UTTARA KANNADA, Karnataka)

Achve B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Aggargon B.O 581319KumtaKarnataka
Andle B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Antravalli B.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Baad B.O 581351KumtaKarnataka
Bankikodla S.O 581319KumtaKarnataka
Bargi B.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Betkuli B.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Brahmur B.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Divgi B.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Gokarn S.O 581326KumtaKarnataka
Gudeangadi S.O 581351KumtaKarnataka
Gundbala B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Halkar B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Handigon B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Hanehalli B.O 581319KumtaKarnataka
Hegde S.O 581330KumtaKarnataka
Herwatta S.O 581332KumtaKarnataka
Hillur B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Hiregutti S.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Holangadde B.O 581351KumtaKarnataka
Honmav B.O 581343KumtaKarnataka
Hubbangeri B.O 581351KumtaKarnataka
Kadime B.O 581319KumtaKarnataka
Kagal B.O 581351KumtaKarnataka
Kalbag B.O 581332KumtaKarnataka
Kallabbe B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Katgal B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Kimani B.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Kodambale B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Kodkani B.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Konalli B.O 581323KumtaKarnataka
Kujalli B.O 581332KumtaKarnataka
Kumta H.O 581343KumtaKarnataka
Kumta Town S.O 581343KumtaKarnataka
Lukkeri B.O 581330KumtaKarnataka
Madangeri S.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Manaki B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Masur B.O 581330KumtaKarnataka
Mirjan S.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Mogta B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Murur B.O 581362KumtaKarnataka
Mutta B.O 581361KumtaKarnataka
Nagur B.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Nilkod B.O 581440KumtaKarnataka
Paduvani B.O 581333KumtaKarnataka
Sangtal B.O 581323KumtaKarnataka
Sanikatta B.O 581326KumtaKarnataka
Santeguli B.O 581323KumtaKarnataka
Tadri B.O 581326KumtaKarnataka
Torke B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Ulware B.O 581344KumtaKarnataka
Urkeri B.O 581332KumtaKarnataka
Valgalli B.O 581332KumtaKarnataka

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